Business Process Creation

Creation of new business processes to meet companies that are initiating their businesses or new businesses, using best practices, models and standards of Telecom and IT areas either to traditional product and service markets or to digital product and service markets.

Criação e Revisão de Arquitetura Empresarial

Creation and Revision of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture has 4 layers: Business, Data, Systems and Technology. This service can involve one or more of these layers as well as the level of details in each layer in line with the customer needs. Recognized market models are used as reference models such as TOGAF, Zachman, TMN and others. 

Business Process Transformation

This service disposes the current business process adherence analysis comparing with the business needs and identifying gaps and redundancies which should be addressed by the new business processes, measuring the performance improvements and gains as well as the needed adjustments. 

Systems Revision

Analyze the adherence grade of legacy systems to the business, identifying the evolution needs and/or replacement of them by new solutions. It includes the requirement specification to this mission and/or the acquisition of new solutions and creation of RFI, RFP, RFQ. It can include system map, system roadmap and system integration architecture. 

Business Process Automation

After the revision and/or creation of new business processes, it is always performed the process automation when it is possible. Modern "Robotic Process Automation" (RPA) techniques are used in conjunction with methodologies and tools to each customer business context and characteristics. 

Creation of Digital Products and Services

This service uses digital ecosystem, digital reference architecture and platform to create digital products and services in a standard way and taking into account conditions, characteristics and interactions with all stakeholders in the value chain. It includes the utilization of standard APIs to accelerate and minimize risks and costs of implementation projects. 

Revision and Creation of Compliance Processes

Using national and international recommendations and best practices to create and revise business processes to Compliance Management, taking into account the legislation and organizational culture.

Revision and Creation of Police Management Processes

It is essential that polices and procedures be controlled since their creation to release and awareness of employees, including the tracking and audit of all updates.

Selection of Compliance and Police Management Tools

There are multiple Compliance and Police & Procedure Managment tools in the market. Through a methodology developed by us, it is identified the best solution to customers taking into account their requirements and business priorities.

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